Our ServicesAt Sony Music Publishing, we offer our clients the following services:

  • Music Copyright Administration

    We ensure that our writers receive full service through accurate song registration, royalty collection from all over the world, and royalty accounting.

  • Creative Services

    Maximizing music licensing opportunities through pitching and procurement in advertising, film + trailers, games, covers + adaptations, print + publications, and new media.
    Our in-house licensing and creative team actively pitches compositions to industry tastemakers for more music exposure, not to mention negotiation of all rights and fees.

  • Helping Songwriters Develop Their Career

    Our dedicated A&R / creative team aggressively pitches songs to artists presenting them with leads and briefs for upcoming projects, as well as arranging co-writing opportunities in songwriting camps. Our creative team also supports songwriters in artist development and helps connect them to keypersons in the industry through Sony Music Group's intercompany relations.

  • Management

    Helping career development of artists / songwriters.

  • Music Production

    Crafting original works for artists, film, animations, games and more.

  • Production Music

    Licensing and composition/production of custom-made music.

Contact Us

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  • EMAIL : [email protected]
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